Pumpkin Carving

This is Little Critters first pumpkin carving! Previous years he’s just been a little too young but this year I trusted him with a knife! ok I held it and pretended he did all the work but he did great job scooping out the goo and he designed all the shapes. It was a great opportunity to teach shapes too.

This is also the first year me and Daddy didn’t get a go. These where all the kids hard work with just our adult assistance.

We saved lots of pumpkin to eat too.

Big Critter doesn’t like posing but he was enjoying himself I promise! Every picture lately looks like we’re forcing him to look happy hehe.

image image

So proud. Which one is which?


image image

Slightly mad looking Daddy in back there wielding a knife. Just bad timing on my part no children were harmed. image

The best kind of shot. Unaware, busy and cute concentration faces.


Let’s see your pumpkins? Any fancy ones out there untouched by clammy uncoordinated hands.



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