Last Minute Halloween Decorations round up

Halloween is tomorrow and sometimes you just don’t feel you have enough or maybe it’s the first time you felt like decorating well here’s some simple, fun and cheap ideas for you to do before trick or treating time.

  1. Monster Doors– Easy to do using binbags, paper plates, paper, craft foam and coloured tape
  2. Creepy eyes in the bushes– using glow sticks, paint and toilet paper tubes
  3. Creepy eye wreath- you will need to buy ping pong balls and eyes but maybe you could get creative with other round objects (cotton wool maybe)
  4. Spider Webs from bin bags
  5. Mummy candle jars– I made these and I love them. you could also use masking tape. You can also use tissue paper glued on with pva to create mummies or ghosts, orange to create pumpkins, green to create monsters, red for blood dripping, black for bats or combination to make mini scenes.
  6. Milk Jug Ghosts– you could get away with no lighting inside if had nothing to pop in but pound shops have glow sticks.
  7. Spooky Hanging ghost– with balloons and material you could also use white bin bags for cheaper option
  8. Glow stick ideas– great for kids
  9. Cup garland
  10. Hanging bats– great for inside and out
  11. Pebble Monsters– ok probably not a day before activity but if you do have stones you can paint this is great
  12. Spider paper lantern- if you’ve no lantern you could paper over a balloon to create the body.
  13. Bin bag spooky curtain and cardboard window silhouettes
  14. Paper Pumpkins- great for smaller kids
  15. Trash bag fun

Other ideas:

  • buy spiders from pound shop to hang anywhere you want to dangle down, crawl on the walls.
  • paper chain skulls, pumpkins or bats
  • pipe cleaners to make spiders
  • last but not least pumpkins! Then make some yummy soup after

Hope you’ll show us what you made!




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