How to Sell your Goods

As a buyer I see things that I will say put me off so as a buyer and potential customer I want to tell you what I personally look for.

Clear photos: If I can’t see it I won’t pay for it

Prices: If I have to wait to ask you how much it is and someone else makes it chances are they will reply first

Pictures: Nothing worse than a seller trying to send you items or worse get you to pay with no pictures of products first.

Get payment up front: If someone wants a quote they can’t pay yet if the buyer says they wish to order it means they have the money now. If you make then ask for payment we can’t guarantee we can afford that day and it may keep getting pushed further and further back

Get ALL details: Sometimes life gets in the way. Devices break, internet goes down, life is too busy to be fussed with facebook, stress causes us to even forget we ordered off you so get all the details you need including contact details and an address. If you can’t get in touch send anyway we still want it.

Send recorded: I’ve seen too many seller being taken advantage of simply because they’ve no proof of postage and delivery through a tracking number and signature on receipt.

Be friendly and patient: We’re all still human after all and we know you are a human too often working alone you can be professional and friendly at the same time. If we say we want prices and say we will pay on a certain date then can’t please don’t brand us time wasters life happens, bills happen and gifts are the thing that are sacrificed first.

Get to know your fellow crafters: Including those who do same. If you can’t do our order for any reason but know someone who can we will really appreciate your help and your fellow crafters may just do same when they can’t. Just because you do similar doesn’t mean you do the same.

Keep us updated: Nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on and delaying asking you because we don’t want to get in the way. Other buyers may say let them work you will only make it take longer if you keep messaging so let us know what’s going on with our order or update your page with whose orders you are doing so we know you’ve not started ours yet.

Give us details: When we pay let us know how long you think it may be. Be honest and if we say nothing double check it’s not for a special date you may not be able to fulfil. If we don’t know we can’t be patient enough.

Let us know when you’ve sent: So we can let you know if it comes or if it doesn’t. We may wait longer than seems normal if we don’t know when it was meant to come so follow up with all your orders. This can be hard when busy but it’s important to do so.

Most important of all. Keep going.



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