30 days of blogs BONUS!

I decided I wanted to do one more after seeing my friend over at Natalie Inkpin doing some I wish I added so here’s my bonus blog!

Random word generator: 1-Fullscreen capture 15102015 142814

We have traditions such as every christmas we buy the kids xmas pjs to wear to bed so they can open their presents in morning in christmas wear. We sing all our babies in the womb and after birth Twinkle Twinkle. We have croissants for breakfast every weekend.

Dream Job: I wanted a midwife once then a doula. I would still love to do this but the actual process isn’t something I can manage right now. Maybe one day…

Favourite words: Occur. I’ve always loved this word and you will likely frown but because it’s very round. Lovely curvy letters.

Special Memories of my kids: When my second was born he opened his eyes and stared at everyone and the room with very knowing eyes. The moment my boys saw their sister and said how cute she was, the first time they both said Mummy ( around 18 months little monkeys kept me waiting) and the first time they said I love you. The day my eldest said I will give you my last sweet because I love these sweets but I love you more (melted heart!). The day my eldest said he loved me because I always help him and I’m nice. I feared all I was good for was cooking disgusting vegetables.

Favourite films: Resident Evil, Fifth Element, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lion King.

Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little more now back to the less frequent tutorials where I can breath in between hehe.



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