30 days of blogs challenge: What I would buy with a million pounds

This is my last blog of the 30 day blog challenge and what an epic task it was! I had a few unexpected days break from it but I actually found it very hard and don’t feel it’s my usual style of writing (short and picture free). It has been fun and I’ve saved the best till last.

What wouldn’t you do with a million! To be fair these days you need about 10 million to be comfortable but I’m not greedy so I would buy:

  • decent car that won’t require hundreds of repairs
  • small modest house just big enough for us all (if I had 10 million I’d have a mansion)
  • bulldog puppy (I know I know shouldn’t buy puppies but I want one)
  • a new couch (ours is just horrible but comfy)
  • a new tv ( ours is tiny and my eyesight can’t cope)
  • a nice holiday maybe a month long backpacking or travelling in semi luxury.

Usual boring things people always want but it would be great to not worry about housing and have travel to go explore Britain more easily.



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