30 days of blogs challenge: Zodiac Sign

I’m a Gemini and the most popular belief is we’re two faced. Well we aren’t.

I think when people suggest a Gemini is two faced they are really describing the person’s changing moods. We’re not neutral centred beings and if we want to moan about this today but accept it tomorrow we will. But we are loyal and as a rule we don’t follow the usual route of two facedness like vindictive and playing people off against each other.

I also think we are insecure and unsure but want to come across as strong and often misrepresent ourselves.

So I found a site that describes what a gemini is meant to be like

Some point are:

  • curious
  • outgoing
  • novel
  • witty
  • creative

The first I would say yes I am. I ask endless questions about things and sometimes repeatedly to double check. I like ALL the information because without it all how am I to know. I do like to learn about things of interest and questions need to be asked. I’ve gotten in trouble many times through my life for talking way too much… oops. I wonder if its a gene because I’ve 2 critters exactly the same who are  both scorpios.

I would say I am not outgoing. The site  suggests outgoing means we love to talk which is correct but I don’t enjoy social situations. I feel out my depth, boring and self conscious so tend to come across as moody which would lead back to the first point of having almost split personality. I dislike being centre of attention and this is one thing puts me off my own wedding.

Novel means we like new things not that we are novel. I would agree with this point. I love to try new things but unlike the article suggests I always finish projects I start. Some take longer than others and some I’ve fallen out of love with but even if I’m struggling, even if it’s boring I will finish it!

The witty point I would say is a hard one. I don’t feel I have tons of information about life to be that clever or funny. I don’t always think that quick on the spot but get me on a subject I feel passionate about and I will give a fair debate that I fully back and don’t disagree on. I may not always have the witty banter down but as suggested I do make a fair debatist with the right subject. Power is knowledge I guess.

Do I need to explain the last one? I would say it’s fair to say I’m creative. They may not always be that great or popular but I always have new ideas and like to adapt others ideas. Life wouldn’t be the same without creation.

Best bit I share my birthday with a famous Gemini, Clint Eastwood.

Here’s the article for more in depth read: Gemini Personality Traits.




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