30 days of blogs challenge: Earliest Memories

My earliest every memory is being 3 and learning how to escape my pram. I would play for ages doing it.

After that I remember things from school. The day a girl called Lisa threw up all over the room and I mean ALL OVER!!! As 5 year olds we were fascinated! I remember making milk monitor one day and getting to hand the milk out. I remember having a nose bleed in assembly and the head teacher ignoring me.

I remember that school very clearly especially receptions despite not entering the room for over 25 years!

I remember being small and hurting my knee and being ignored and not cared for.

My earliest memories aside from when I was 3 at home was when I was about 7 and I remember playing with my dolls, loving polly pocket toys and some of my favourite 90’s outfits that would make me cringe now.

A lush lilac shell suit anyone? I liked it better than my bright pink sweatshirt and matching joggings. The first time I was bought leggings and them feeling like outdoor pyjamas.

The day my mum had enough of brushing my unruly hair and booked the hairdresser to cut it all off. I ran and hid that day but had the threat of my favourite doll, Katie, being taken off me so I came out and sucked it up. I could no longer wear the padded bow bobbles I loved. My hair hasn’t changed to this day in its unruliness.



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