30 days of blogs challenge: What do I collect

I mostly collect pretty things. This is my daughters shelf of ‘things’

I mostly collect ladybirds for her and red spotty mushrooms for me.

IMG_1488 IMG_1489

This is a silver trinket box. A fairy and elf boy swinging from a branch it is adorable and my favourite thing I own.IMG_1490

I have a ‘small’ collection of ‘shrooms by my front door along side a fox doorstop and my sons turtle ornament.IMG_1499

I also have a mini collection of owls and a little gnome/fairy creature on a branch.IMG_1500

Ladybird candle burner which looks adorable with her solemn face.


Finally a present I was bought last year its an acrylic light and was bought in the christmas section. This is the second mushroom light I’ve bought from christmas sections but the other is more delicate so is safe upstairs.


I say I mostly collect pretty things because although I do collect specific things too I also collect interesting fairy folk type things,  the odd Moomin item is also in presence, I like glittery and flowery things and of course I collect dolls but my house is only so big so can’t create huge collections.

What do you collect? we’d love to see.



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