Upcycled Bathroom cabinet

I apologise now for the severe lack of photos for this blog. I took the doors off before photographing then I ended up in hospital between starting and finishing but you will get the idea.

We had mirrored doors when moved in and between kids, doors and the cabinet being in the worse place possible both mirrors cracked. I decided to take them off completely and revamp the doors.

First I had to sand them you can see the difference in them one is shiny the other is getting nice and dull meaning the paint will stick better.


Now the paint I used was a little naff but as I was doing it on the cheap I used what I had. I would advise for future to just go buy a tin of decent paint you can get away with a very small tin as the doors are only small themselves. They look a bit streaky as the paint was just too thin but as a temporary job it will do (we rent!)


After they dried I put on new shiny hinges, reapplied the door handles on and put the doors back on. Make sure you get the right size or you’ll need new holes which may weaken the door. It took some searching but I was able to find exact same size ones.

image image

I then put the round mirrors on I bought in an attempt to make them look like shiny bubbles. I positioned the biggest one at standing height so we can use and the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. I wish I had got more so may get some in between ones and put 3 more on.


Hope you like it! Much improved from the peachy look we had before.



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