30 day blog challenge: What’s in your handbag

Here is my handbag. I’ve had it about 4-5 years and it was from Next. It’s a bit scruffy now with paint marks on but I love it. It’s great size, keeps on going and going and just so soft.


So what’s inside.

*purse* broken brush with mirror * notepad * crayons * pen * safety pins * bodyspray with the wrong cap * umbrella * migraine stick * vaseline tub * cloth shopping bag (under the whole lot )

Safety pins because there’s always some fashion disaster requiring help when out and about. Red spotty umbrella well erm do I really need to explain that one (for those who are confused check the name of the blog out). The bodyspray is my favourite charlie pink and I find quite hard to buy but it just seems so girly and nice to me. The migraine stick is brill it’s from Holland & Barrett and best I’ve used as I get headaches a lot when out and about.

Don’t forget to add your cloth bag now you have to buy bags in more shops! I’ve always tried to carry them but have more incentive now.


There’s even room left for more which with winter approaching is needed for discarded hats and gloves. Of course when I’m out  & about my keys and phone are thrown in too.


What’s in your handbag?!



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