30 day blog challenge: Important Things

10 items I’d take with me if I could have no more

  1. My teddies. I have 2 favourites so if had to chose it would be those but ideally all of them who doesn’t love a loyal friend
  2. my dolls. They are my little loves and I wouldn’t be without them.
  3. My sewing machine. I could then cloth myself and make all sorts still
  4. Crochet kit. I could carry on my hobby and make warm things
  5. Camera. Who doesn’t want to create memories
  6. Pjs. I love baggy warm comfy pyjamas I couldn’t live without and I’d need something to wear whilst making the rest of my wardrobe
  7. A straw. I hate tipping my head back to finish off the dregs so often leave drinks before finished but with a straw I don’t. They are invaluable
  8. My bed. Same reasons as pjs its comfy and warm. I can crochet in it, eat and snuggle my dolls and teddies between sewing hehe
  9. Kindle. As well as craft and warm comfy things I enjoy reading. Great escapism when I’m having a tough time.
  10. Pen and paper. When an idea comes I need to document it. I love writing lists and my kids love drawing too

What would be your 10 most important items



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