Bath Scrubber Monsters

It’s not often I feel I get inspired by random objects but I saw this 3 pack of bath ‘balls’ (scrubbers or puffs to you and I) and inspiration started to fester. They were 99p so I bought them. I had the idea of making them into monsters for our halloween decorations and with 2 boys in the house I got the only pack with no pink in.


I simply cut felt shapes out put glue in couple of places and stuck them on. I used E600 as find it dries fast and stays put. I didn’t smear the felt in glue as I didn’t have a lot left plus with the scrubbers being netted they didn’t have an entirely solid surface to adhere to.


Here they are! I used no patterns I just got some scraps and cut away till I had some funny friendly looking monsters. At 99p for 3 you could make so many variations so cheaply. I did these ones but they would be something fun to make with the kids but supervise them if you use epoxy glue like me as it create fumes.

image image image

You could use needle and thread for older children or do them outside with FULL supervision and maybe a parent putting the glue on with good hand washing after .


We’d love to see your monsters so feel free to share in our Flickr Group.


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