Crochet Hat Pattern Reviews

So this week I decided to make the kids winter hats. I hate hate hate making hats I find them so tempermental at times I avoid them so these are the first hats my kids will have made by me.

I then offered to make a friend some hats for her kids so I’ve 4 hats and a scarf to do this week.

I decided to start on  my youngests hat first test the pattern out and the fit too.

I found this one but it was adult size and I needed age 4. Anyway I thought I’ll find a childs hat pattern then just do this pattern on smaller scale. I found this didn’t work at all as this pattern uses DC (US) and the child size uses HDC (US)

Click for link

On the same site I found an earflap hat pattern so decided to do simple rows with same colours. I found it didn’t work for whatever reason it was taking me ages and not looking right.

You know when you just get a feel and you’re not happy. Your idea isn’t working. So I gave up undid it and started searching again. If I was to make an adult hat this would be brill so don’t think I’m being negative about the pattern it was all me.






I went searching again and found one. It is on Ravelry as a download and you need to be a member so a bit difficult to link but it’s called Earflap hat and beanie with clip-on flower by Zuleika Lambe. I have lined the Ravelry link for those who have access. I chose to do it in same colours as above because that’s what drew me to that hat in the first place.

The only thing I found for my children was an extra row was needed. The pattern suggests adding a row for adults but in reality I think 1 more for children and 2-3 for adults maybe. However the pattern was super quick and if you don’t stop a lot like me these are easy to finish in an hour or two.

For my youngest I made him the age 2-5 years size and for my eldest I made the age 5- teenagers size. They are a perfect fit for both and I like how they aren’t too dense. I personally get too hot in hats so hoping with the looser effect they’ll be worn longer.


My eldest asked for a pom-pom and I have no pom pom maker but I remembered the fork trick. I find I don’t use enough wool thought and they end up a bit rubbish. So this one I knew I had to make it thicker. I also wanted a bigger one than any fork in this house. Genius here decided a spatula/fish slice was the perfect size and to be fair it was.

image imageimage

Can you work out where I went wrong before I tell you? Yup you use a fork because you need to be able to get it off AFTER it’s tied up. After some strong man hands holding onto the cut ends we got a pom pom. In future I won’t use a spatula and may invest in a huge fork.

image image

I set off making a monster high inspired hat for a friends daughter. I wanted to do this cheaply so I found a skull pattern, which again is a download. There is also this one: Skull Applique.


The Dinosaur hat has its own pattern but I used the same pattern as others but added the details from original pattern. My main reason was the earflap hat was faster and the dinosaur hat is all SC which I don’t mind but not 34 rows. Again no disrespect to the hat I just don’t like making them.

I found the teeth a bit fiddly but it all came together and you can make it sensible or kooky.

image image image

All the hats were happily received fit well and look great!


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