30 day blog challenge: 4 Proud Moments

This is another difficult one there’s so many things  I would do again but to feel that sense of pride is hard for me especially if concerns me.

  1. Children. Clique but it’s a very nice feeling to know I made these tiny imperfect humans that are just wonderful and fun. Plus the pride in know I birthed everyone one way or another and only I did that.
  2. Trying. I’m proud to try.  I may fail and it may not be as good as I hoped but I tried and I kept going and chances are I will try again. This applies to many things and isn’t a moment as such but I’ve tried to have children for many years and lost 3 but I’ve kept going when I didn’t feel I could. This resulted in my 3 year old. Im facing same difficulties again but I hope to succeed again
  3. Standing up for myself. There came a time when my own mother was insensitive to my needs and I stood up to that. Sensibly maturely I defended my child and my needs. She took it badly and we’ve not spoken since but I have no regret over speaking my mind calmly to her. Sometimes you just have to face the consequences.
  4. Making a doll. I made a doll last November and I’m proud she’s my masterpiece.



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