30 days of blog challenge: 5 weaknesses

Only 5! A humans we’re the best at putting ourselves down and not seeing our strengths but it’s good to limit the list as no good comes from putting ourselves down and instead weaknesses should be seen as opportunities to improve.

  1. Loud. I can be way  too loud and talkative and I was always the kid that got told off in school for distracting others.
  2. Sensitive. I can find it hard to be told if I got something wrong and it can be nearly impossible on a bad day to laugh at myself instead I’ll cry. If I’m told too many things I stop and give up proclaiming myself to be rubbish at everything.
  3. No self-worth. I don’t think myself as important or deserving of a lot. I need to change this because to at least 2 little boys I’m a large part of the world and my recent hospital stay left them anxious to be with me. Even if I only ever matter to them it’s worth it! I also avoid mirrors but hey I’m sure many  of us do
  4. Slow coach. I can procrastinate as good as the next person and if I’m just not in the mood tasks can take forever. There’s always tomorrow… is there an echo in here?
  5. Stubborn. I can be the most stubborn person in the world. I know this because my kids are the same but I always win haha. I am working on being more open to compromise though but sometimes I have to stick to my guns and be right.


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