30 day blog challenge: 5 strengths

It’s always hard to boost about ourselves say what we like and I’m the worse for it so here goes:

  1. Imaginative. I have a good imagination. It may not be good to others but I often come up with my own ideas and projects without help. I still use things like pinterest to assist me in perfecting it but I can be out and think of something and it usually gets made.
  2. Disciplined. When it suits. I set a list it gets done. Sometimes slowly sometimes slowly but it gets done! I can collect as much as I can get rid of and I’m  quite good at sticking to diets. Relapses don’t set me back I just continue.
  3. Loving and Kind. I struggle to show it but it’s in my heart and I’m always willing to help make others feel better.
  4. Honest and forthright. I can be too honest and not sure it’s a strength at times. But what I say is what I mean however it will never be cruel and if it’s negative I will find best way to express that. I will defend myself no matter what and others if I feel it’s right to do so.
  5. Strong. Might seem a cop out but it’s a true one. I wouldn’t be the first to admit this. Instead I feel a bubbling mess however daily I wake up  get up and I continue. I’ve battled depression, anxiety and multiple pregnancy loss at various stages. I feel like giving up yet  I don’t and I still hope daily things will get better. Being naturally negative and still living is a strength



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