3 day blog challenge: 5 /10 year plan

We all do it. Plan ahead what we would like to happen but unsure when it’ll be so it becomes part of ‘The Plan’.

5 year plan

More kids. Only one but I hope within 5 years I’m not getting younger and don’t fancy the risks that come with age as I’m already classed as higher risk.

A pet. We’d love a dog before our eldest gets too big. It’s my fault for not committing but one day it will happen.

A car. I can drive but we can’t afford  car nor do I want the ongoing upkeep but after 7 years I’m cravin the convenience more and more.

A job. Once I’ve stop reproducing a job is must. No way will I be stuck in an empty house.

10 year plan

A house. Maybe… see what job I get first hehe.

Wales. Ok this is more 20 year maybe once kids have moved out but it’s a future aim to move to Wales. This may never happen due to things keeping me here but there’s chance.

I don’t feel very ambitious but I would say i do like the simple life with odd bit of excitement to a fun filled life where I have a million pictures to prove it. Memories over adventures for me.




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