30 day blog challenge: Things that might surprise you about me.

So I thought about this one and thought well I’m not overly interesting and there’s no deep secrets I harbour.

So here’s my things that MAY surprise you about me.

I come across as standoffish and don’t approach me vibe.

Deep down I am petrified you will say hello, I’m worried you will think me boring and regret saying hello.

I have anxiety and don’t know how to approach or talk to people as I don’t feel I have the right conversational skills and often sound clumsy.

I come across as rude and/or grumpy

I’m actually very friendly. I love a good joke and I love to playfully tease. I have  been know to be funny too

I don’t often think rude or judgemental thoughts but  I can sometimes turn off my filter.

I’m always saying no I can’t do this or that

I’m trying to be selfish I’m actually very nice and kind but I just don’t like to be put on the spot and need time to adjust my internal schedule.

I’m working on it



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