Winding Wool

I take part in a monthly blanket club which means every month I get 4 mini hanks of hand dyed wool that I make into yarn cake.

They come as a twisted hank which to start you undo the top to make it into a large loop.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386

Set up your swift and make it slightly loose so you can put your wool on easily. As you can see in 2nd picture the wool is bit loose so just lift up the stopper to make it more taut. The more taut it is the tighter your cake will be at end.

IMG_1387 IMG_1388

To start you need to find  where its tied together. On bigger 100g hanks you will have at least 3 knots to cut but these are 25g so have only one. When you find it pull it out slight so you can easily see the knot and extra threads and therefore prevent cutting the hank. Cut the knot off and you should have a bit that comes off used to tie the wool and 2 ends attached to rest.

IMG_1389 IMG_1391

Before you wind you may need to turn your wool so it’s all flat. Can you see here if I twist it the wool will have to come away unnaturally when wound.


Pull on one end. You may find one end pulls easily or both do. If both so tuck one end under the wool on swift so doesn’t dangle loose. Take your end behind the bar on the winder pull it up between the loops over and under through the front. Alternatively you can just thread it through the hole.

IMG_1392 IMG_1393

Secure the end in your winder like so. Don’t let it dangle too far down or will be caked over and you’ll struggle to find it. Begin winding till all the wool is on the winder. When you get near the end hold  onto your yarn to kind it through.IMG_1394 IMG_1395

Tuck the end under the wool so doesn’t come loose and gently take off with 2 hands.IMG_1397 IMG_1398

The part you secured at start is your starting end and will come from insider the cake meaning it won’t move around when you’re working.

IMG_1399 IMG_1400

Here is an example of why tension is important. The smaller ball had a tighter tension on swift when I wound it make it a tighter cake and a smaller one.



One thought on “Winding Wool

  1. Deb says:

    Great little tutorial! I’ve had to wind a few hanks but I don’t have a swift so it was a very interesting job! So much easier to just re-wind skeins that are half gone into balls then hanks without a swift! LOL

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