30 day blog challenge: Animals

Not everyone loves animals and I have no pets. I don’t have many plans for pets either I feel happier without.

However I do love animals

My favourite animal of all time is the lion! I imagine them to be smelly and grumpy in real life but my pet lion would be cuddly, soft and my best mate. These teddies I got at chester zoo years ago I love them and my eldest son loves them too and has 2 of his own.


I also love what we call McGruffs. The name came from a teddy we got at a charity shop and for some reason he became Spot McGruff. Since then I collected more McGruff’ s of same make. These are English Bulldogs. I have to remind myself around others they aren’t really McGruff’s haha but I just love their gentle excitable nature and cute ugliness.


I now also collect ladybirds. This is for a specific reason but who doesn’t love spots.

Hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs are all cute rodent type animals my mum hates. I however love them but they aren’t animals you get much interaction or a bond with.

Seen as we’re talking about animals I hate horses. I’m severely allergic to point even if you wash your riding clothes they will set me off sneezing and coughing for a good week. I’ve never been to the doctors for it so my treatment is to avoid them. I have been know to be allergic to cats too so I don’t tend to bond with them either.

Also as much as I love dogs any rottweiler I’ve been near to bites me so not sure they’d ever enter my home either.



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