30 day blog challenge: Where I’d love to live

If there were no limits where would you live?

I’d live in Wales, UK. I’d live up a big hill where floods wouldn’t get me. I’d would have a vast allotment I could eat from daily. I would be amazing at baking and cooking and I’d enjoy it. Ok I’m going off on a tangent here.

I’d have animals though with space plants and animals would be a great thing to have. The house would be like a fairy house but with lots of colour and big. I’d love a big house!

Room for each family member to sleep in and a room for their own activities whether thats toys or craft, cinema room, book room, room for my dolls and maybe couple walk in wardrobes. My kids would so have a treehouse infact I would want one too!

If I lived in Wales I would have a few holiday homes too. I would have one in Europe possibly France and access to my partners favourite places China, Japan and America so he could access some of the things he loves.



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