30 days of blogs Challenge: Pet Peeves

This is just an excuse to moan really isn’t it!


I can’t explain it just grates on me when someone whistles for ages.

Finger Drumming

That’s up there with whistling. An annoying no need for it noise that displays impatience and/or boredom. It’s not something I do myself as bugs me to even do it myself haha.


Long hair in a pony tail being swung. I’ve tried it I actually have to make effort to make a long ponytail swing when I walk. Of course not everyone is same I appreciate that but ones that go a bit too swingy are the worst.

Flicking and flipping of hair, constantly messing … yes we know you have long hair stop touching lol! For this reason I never grow my hair very long as starts to get on my nerves.

Chewing noises

Not usual eating or crunchy noises the icky sticky wet noises that only come from over excited chewing gum chomping. Bleugh. Complete with open mouth it’s pure gross.

Now I’ve stopped complaining I’ll promise to do more upbeat challenge blogs for the rest of the week.




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