30 day blog challenge: Hobbies

You may have spotted my hobbies if you have read most this blog but here goes

Sewing: my first crafting love. I started off with cross stitching at age 8 which I loved but I wanted to make things. So at age 19 I bought a machine and since then have been practising. I briefly went to college to learn and enjoyed doing different things there. I make mostly clothes now but I will have a go at anything. I did sewing in high school and got a miserable D so it’s amazing I went back to it and I feel now I could achieve higher grades.

Crochet: I always felt bit annoyed I couldn’t buy wool to use but I never had enough need to learn. I did briefly try knitting and didn’t enjoy it at all despite wanting to learn. One day I decided for another blog to learn and post about it. My love was born. It was hard going at first and I nearly gave up then it somehow just clicked and I’ve not looked back. I persuaded 2 friends to get into it too and it’s apparently all my fault they can’t stop buying wool.

Dolls: I know collecting dolls can be a hobby and I wouldn’t say I collect them but I’ve always loved them and as you know I have a blog concentrating on 3 of them so I thought I’d add it to the list. My first doll I remember was a big doll that when you lifted the arms would walk. After a replacement my parents got a different doll that wasn’t so faulty and I called her Katie. She was a toddler size and would cry and suck on her bottle and dummy. Over the years her inner workings become loose and we stopped fixing them. I used to dress her in knitted clothes I was given and I hope she’s still where I left her in my parents loft.

Before that though I had a small doll from around age 2/3 which I apparently carried everywhere. I lost it twice and the 2nd time I didn’t kick up enough of a fuss and I’m guessing I got Katie after that. I don’t remember this doll but she’s in many photos.

After that I got back into dolls as an adult when I saw a sewing pattern for cute fleece ones. Until last year when I made Dolly and got 2 reborns.

You can get the doll pattern below from Nimpleplush.

IMG_5088 IMG_5454

I have dabbled in other crafting. Needle felting, bead work, scrapbooking, card making and anything that takes my fancy to be honest including blogging of course.




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