30 day blog challenge: 10 likes and dislikes


  1. Chocolate after crisps, or on it’s own, or as cake, or milkshake I’m easy going
  2. Soft fluffy things. There’s a certain comfort to something that feels homely and cuddly
  3. Crisps and popcorn. Salty snacks I could never ever give up
  4. Being at home. It’s safe, it contains my favourite things, it’s comfortable and usually warm enough.
  5. Reading. I go through stages of not reading as much because Daddy wants to watch a film, or my attention is being demanded but give me a few lonely nights and I’m in a book steamrolling through them as I can’t stop.
  6. Colour. It is so happy and expressive. I’m not content doing the same and being the same and colour really helps with that.
  7. Being supported. Nothing better than feeling you’re not in the wrong, feeling you have a valid point that others agree with.
  8. Winter food. Yummy warming veggies to fill my belly, bliss
  9. Pretty things. Who doesn’t
  10. Strange food combinations. To me they aren’t strange but I’ve been told I’ve odd combos at times.


  1. Whistling no idea why but it grates on me
  2. Finger tapping. Just ARGGGGGGHHH
  3. Noise. Too much noise and I feel like I might explode
  4. Liars. Lying indicates I’m stupid in my book. If you’re going to lie make sure you’re good at it or get your stories to match.
  5. Being ignored. Ignore me and I don’t react well. Nodding because you couldn’t be bothered to listen. So many nopes.
  6. Peas. URGH they’re gross I’ve hated them since I was a child. Talking of food corned beef what is that about anyway.
  7. Butterflies and moths. I don’t hate them or dislike them as such but if it flies near me or in my face I get a little hyper.
  8. Fence sitters. Stop trying to please everyone and ignoring your true feelings on a subject because it will never work. Can’t bear it when friends will silently support a friend but will never do it openly preferring to make the excuse they just aren’t into arguing.
  9. Arguments. Why does disagreeing or discussing a subject automatically equals an argument? It doesn’t but that work is always thrown in there to make someone look bad.
  10. Spiders. Enough said

It’s so hard filling in this list without revealing the answers to other blog posts to come! I managed it though.



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