30 day blog challenge: things I do alone.

This kind of sounds dodgy or maybe it’s my depraved mind. As a mother or father or parental guardian you will know alone time is bliss!

So besides the obvious bathroom activities what do I get up to only when I’m alone

  • hair removal. lets face it hair removal and kids is no fun it’s so hard finding the time though! I use an epilator for my legs and it’s noisy which always makes those little darlings come nosing and marvelling why my legs are like a gorilla’s (they aren’t btw)
  • sit and stare. sounds boring right a waste of time or does it sound like bliss! I can stare at a wall and daydream without being interrupted without being asked what I’m doing by the kids and repeatedly being asked if I’m ok and is something wrong by the adults. Nothing wrong I’m just enjoying nothing
  • turn the telly off. I am only one in this house who doesn’t put the telly on automatically. I actually have grown to hate the noise of it. Everyone else reaches for the remote or complains if it’s not on. When everyone leaves I reach over for the remote and it’s off.
  • talk to myself. we all do it don’t deny it! When I’m alone I can say what I want without being questioned what I said and why. I don’t have a 2 year old shouting what you say every minute.
  • ignore the mess it winds Daddy up no end how I can ignore mess but MY time is not for tidying so if I get some time I ignore it and get the kids to help once they come back. I may be alone in this but in my view it’s there mess and their role to learn in life.

I don’t so anything exciting when alone, nothing weird either but there’s always someone we do when alone.


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