Stuffed Fabric Letters

This is a great project for scraps as long as your not fussy about it matching 🙂 This is more just a few tips on how to do your own string of letters.

I started by printing off the letters I need from my computer. If you don’t have a printer you can trace them off the screen. I cut mine bigger than the outline & overlaid them to the fabric. You will need 2 of each letter so best way is to fold your fabric near edge then pin. This gives you 2 of them same.


With right sides together sew your letter round outside edge.


Leave a small gap along a straight edge. If you have a letter with a hole like A or O or R etc DON’T sew the hole yet!


At pointed edges sew across 1 – 2 stitches.


Once that’s sorted you can turn out the right way & stuff this is what your gap is for. See below for hole letters Q, A, O, P, B & D.

Use blunt ended scissors or a chopstick to get your stuffing in all the corners. For letters like S, M & N you may need 2 gaps to effectively stuffed.



To close up the gap tuck the raw edges inside & may be useful to pin at this point. Thread a needle with matching thread & knot. Insert from the inside to outside but still within the seam & perform a ladder stitch.

CIMG8666 CIMG8667 CIMG8669

Click above for a video tutorial on how to do this however the few pictures above hopefully help. You sew from side to side creating a ladder of stitches.

To close the  middle of the ‘hole’ letters Q, O, P, A, D & B you will  need to do by hand after turning but just before stuffing.

Thread a needle so is double thread & knot.


Turn under the raw edge & put needle through as shown.


Pull through & insert in opposite side the same way but opposite direction


Repeat alternating sides.


You will start to see a neat edge as you continue (the the left )

CIMG8757 CIMG8764

This is my finish piece mounted on folded & sewn bias then hand sewn on.




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