DIY Hair Oil Treatment

The hair treatment I tried was olive oil. It is meant to help make hair super shiny so was excited to try. At this point I totally forgot to do before picture so here is an old photo taken next to a bright window to show you how my hair normally looks. This was also after a dye job so was a bit shiny from that.


I applied this to me hair prior to a shower. After 20 minutes I washed it off. It was super easy to wash out & also helps work for cradle cap leaving Baby Critters hair super soft.  This is after its brushed but still wet.


This is dried


This is straightened.


This is with hair product added.


As you can see by last picture my hair has a certain shine to it compared to other pictures. My hair that day was a lot more manageable & soft but it lacked body. I wouldn’t say was limp but was definitely less full as usual.

It stayed that way the following day also & had no grease issue. The shine factor for me failed. I would use again to keep my hair under control but not for shine.

For future tests it would be worth trying the oil warmed up, used overnight, used on clean hair & rewashed & even trying different oils.



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