30 day blog challenge: Blog names

So todays blog is about blog names. The original challenge was Tumblr name but I don’t have tumblr so thought I’d explain some other names I have.

This blog got it’s name after I started collecting… DRUMROLL… red spotty mushrooms! You would never have guessed that would you.

I had a selling page called Shroom Designs but I closed that down wanting to take my sewing in a different direction. I opened The Red Spotty Mushroom as it sounded more descriptive and less drug related as was suggested to me by a follower.

I have another Blog called Dolly’s Girly World. Go on bet you can’t guess why. no? ok Well it’s about dolls especially  my favourite who is called Dolly and she’s a girl and this is her world! I wanted Dolly’s World but I planned to make it super girly so wanted that part to be clear before I was moaned at for not being fair to boys. Read more here.



I have one more blog called My Tiny Beauty. This is about stillbirth and baby loss. The journey of grief after a huge event. My daughter was born at 27 weeks weighing a tiny 600g which is the approx. weight of a 24 week baby. She was beautiful and so so tiny. I came up with her name My Tiny Beauty on the day she was born and that became the blog title. You can read more here.

At the moment I have no other blogs…. yet. To be fair they would not jell as one blog and it’s not that hard work.


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