30 day blog challenge: Introduce yourself

My name is Tracy that part you knew. I turned 30 this year EEK that was no different to being 21 to be honest but 30 seemed so old when I was a teenager.

I feel old haha! I have 2 boys aged 8 and 2 in November and I have one girl who has her first angel birthday in October.



A typical at home day is get up to much screaming and arguing between the boys in a zombie daze of never quite getting enough sleep. Most days we have a big bowl of fruit to share followed by cereal and/or toast.

After asking repeatedly for my eldest to get dressed and threatening to take him to school in his pyjamas he’s off for the day. Younger brother usually has a meltdown because he can’t go too.

After that cleaning up repeatedly then finally admitting defeat and giving up occurs. Then it’s crafting time. I tried with the housework I really did…. honest.

Saturdays we go swimming and Sunday Daddy and eldest go to church. We have a running joke that all we eat of a weekend is cheese toasties due to the fact we’re both highly unimaginative when it comes to cooking.

Without ruining some of the other blogs in this challenge I will leave it at that. Also feel privileged I NEVER post pictures of myself on blogs.

Hope you join me tomorrow for day 2.



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