Staying Organized

How do you stay organized? Do you feel organized or do you feel like you’re not.

I feel like I’m not to be honest but I do have a trick to keep myself in check and get things done.

LISTS! Beautiful lists! I’m made fun of for my lists at home. I often exclaim you know what this means? a new list must be done.

Years ago I would write daily what I needed to do, what I’d like to complete then mark them off but it was simple things like what bill to pay etc. As I got more and more into my crafting  I realised I had huge lists of what I wanted to do but instead of getting through it I felt like I was adding more to it and putting pressure on myself for loving my hobby.

Then I got pregnant!! My list exploded! So I organised myself I deleted things I’d love to make but realistically didn’t have space to make like pillow beds, things I had too much of already like cushions and softies. I then made a list of things I wanted to make the baby which was mostly clothes.

After that I prioritised what needed to be done first or simply what I wanted to make first and evened it out through the year. I listed things by month estimating how long each would take me.

At this point you probably think omg what a sad life but it works and marking off those projects is sooooo fulfilling! It really spurs me on to keep marking them off.

At one point I tried to do it by week but that was way too much pressure.

Now I make lists of what I want to make at some point. I then put in order of what  I need first with no deadline. It helps me focus though it means I order stuff in advance knowing I will be completing a project soon and can start the next one straight away.

It’s great for saving up for things too you can see where you need to spend and where you can afford to save. It’s especially good for birthdays and christmas to spread the cost a little and get bigger priced items when you can afford it rather than leaving it too late.

Only problem I have so many lists…… and still need more.



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