30 days of blogs

I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of posting a blog a day for the next 30 days.

I found out about this on a facebook blogger group but let’s face it we’ve all seen the 100 days of happiness and monthly photo challenges. Except I failed at both. However I love blogging and I’m always trying to find an excuse to blog more.

When I looked for some lists I found a few different ones but felt I couldn’t complete at least half the challenges on each one so I combined and slightly modified about 5 and made my own achievable list.

So here it is:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why did you pick your blog names?
  3. Things I only do when alone ( and no not toilet habits 😛 )
  4. 10 likes and dislikes
  5. How to win my heart
  6. List your hobbies and why you enjoy them
  7. 3 personality traits I’m proud of
  8. Anonymous letter to someone
  9. What are my fears?
  10. Pet peeves
  11. What I love
  12. Where would I live if had no limits
  13. What superpower would you have and why
  14. What animals I love and why
  15. Things that would surprise people about me
  16. Where do you want to be in 5 and 10 years time
  17. 5 strengths
  18. 5 weaknesses
  19. 5 proud moments of my life
  20. screenshot of desktop ( I don’t have one so will do my phone)
  21. 5 celeb crushes
  22. 10 things I’d save as the most important things
  23. What’s in your purse
  24. What do I collect
  25. What have you learnt in the past month
  26. Disrespecting parents
  27. Earliest memories
  28. Zodiac sign and how it relates to you
  29. Nicknames you have and why
  30. If I had a million pounds what would I buy

I hope you enjoy the posts I will do and hope you take the chance the do your own 30 day challenge it should be good fun.



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