Adding names to water bottles with vinyl

In my eldests school they have their own water bottles and every morning we write his name and class on. Everyday!

So after seeing some bottles for sale with vinyl decorations on I thought I can do that with his name and no more writing on it daily.

I bought my poster vinyl in red from ebay and was only 99p. It has a paper side that peels off to reveal the sticky side.


I used Wordart on microsoft word to write out the font I wanted. Just something simple and readable.

The paper side is opposite to the front so you need to write your text backwards because if you write it the right way it’ll end up backwards and unreadable.

You can do this a couple ways. If you have templates just make sure they face the wrong way or you can print off your text cut it out and use as templates. But to save time you can do this on the computer then draw or print out.

To do this you can either use the  flip horizontally function……


Or you can grab the side mark when highlighted, click to get the cross and drag. You will get 2 dotted lines to indicate the drag is working release the mouse button and voila you have backward writing. This can be hard to get exact at times especially with shapes but it still works.

imageimage image

If you do it this way you then stick the letters down without cutting them out first using a solid glue stick so dries quickly. Cut them out and the paper template peels off with the paper backing.

image image

Stick onto the bottle and you should have something that will last. Best part as I will never use this for anything else I’ve a full sheet I can cut more names out of when the first one wears out knowing I won’t be redoing it in the morning.


I blurred some parts out as realised there was slight too many details on there. If you do one why not join our Flickr group




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