Search tips

I spend hours upon hours searching for stuff. Ideas, patterns, FREE patterns and the right size and style.

Sometimes it can bring up nothing not even a suitable bought pattern and those times I have to draw myself from multiple patterns or accept a different style to the one in my head.

I’ve found different words and combinations can bring up different things and sometimes changing those searches can bring up the pattern you were looking for.

The first thing to consider is the true name for something not what you name it. Sometimes you have to consider how language can change what you find.

A perfect example is baby clothes and what I call jumpers.

Now an all in one pyjama for babies: footed, poppered up front and sometimes integrated mitts? At this point you are properly going it’s a……… for me it’s a baby gro but some call them rompers, onesies, all in ones, pjs, sleepers. Romper I find brings the best results up and onesies bring up vests

However I know many times a conversation has been confusing even amount english people where different meanings are put upon baby gro. To some a babygro is a vest that fastens round the crotch.


To me that’s a vest. So bear in mind what others may call it what other countries may call them too.

What I’ve found is in general:

Onsies are vests

Babygros are the footed all in one pyjamas

Rompers are like the baby gros but footless always footless and sometimes hooded.

Jumpsuit brought up a pattern I was after but in general isn’t a baby item and more a teen or adult option

Pj’s bring up 2 piece sets and rarely all in one style but are great for many styles of pyjamas for all ages.

All in one can refer to almost anything depending on what other words you add on.

Another confusing thing I’ve come across is ‘jumpers’. To me a jumper is a top you wear that can be thick and warm, fabric or knitted. And with a hood is called a hoodie. BUT in the word of sewing these are sweaters and jumpers are dresses! Can you believe that.

Ok not always but I get more ‘jumper’ patterns from using the word sweater but then with them I get cardigan patterns described as a sweater. Jumper will bring up tops but many jumpers bring up a pinafore style dress for girls.

Now another searching woe is crochet vs knitting. The amount of times I looked for crochet patterns and it’s shown me endless knitting patterns is frustrating so I do tend to stick to ravelry searches that doesn’t confuse the two. The point is you could search for knitting and find a gem of a crochet pattern hidden in the middle.

You can add things like baby, girl, boy, child to your searches to find the right age group. Baby tends to bring up patterns for 6 months and under generally. Girls and boys brings up toddler and young girl patterns and child can bring up any age including preteen sizes.

Don’t be afraid to pop free in there too not all free results will be just that but it helps to find them and I’ve found many good patterns not being shy.

Sometimes if you want something that can be made many ways you have be specific so a sweater pattern will likely bring up knitted patterns. Adding crochet before pattern will help you and if you want to sew one say from fleece then pop in sewing and you will get more results tailored to your request.

You can also search by colour. Of course you’re not limited to making that dress pattern in green like pictured you can chose orange or blue if want. But if you have some fabric or colours in mind and can’t seem to find a dress you think might fit or your struggle to picture that dress in that fabric then google it. Google the print (flowers) before the garment (trousers) add the colours in and you will get tons of pictures which may help you decide that the print just won’t work like that but will like this.

Even if you think you know how to make it just looking at the pattern read the instructions anyway. You may be surprised you learn a faster easier way of making something that changes your life.

Lastly don’t be afraid of non english sites. Many sites can be translated by google and you’re only after the pattern link anyway



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