School has restarted last week and my eldest is now in year 3! Cripes. He ran home telling me he’s now in juniors to be told by me he’s in juniors when I say he is and I’m not ready for a junior yet haha.

Another thing that causes me issues is the playground and the school.

When I was younger we had reading and spellings each week. There wasn’t pressure to read every night, homework every weekend and the time I took money in where for dinners and trips nothing more.

There was after school clubs but I never needed to go to them and there was never activity clubs for those who didn’t need the extra hours.

Jem started in Liverpool and half way through reception year we moved. The difference is mega. First class friendships are encouraged here whereas there it was more let them be friends with whoever they want and if they formed ‘gangs’ so be it. As a result it took longer for him to adjust and find friends he enjoyed playing with. It took at least a month and he slowly started to be happier and eager to attend school.

The main problem I have is homework he gets so much from reception he would reading and spellings each weekend with reading expected up to 3 times a week. Now this doesn’t seem that bad one sheet of work shouldn’t take long enough to be a huge thing of a weekend but when you’ve a child or fights with you over doing it, loses his temper when he’s not done it quite right and refuses to do it for hours on end and it becomes a battle of will. Yeah homework is a huge thing every weekend.  Still we powered through year 1 getting it done sometimes easily others not so and at times I got so fed up with feeling stressed and him being so upset I gave him the answers. Naughty I know.

End of year 2 saw a vast increase. Reading, spellings, writing and maths every weekend! After 3 weeks I complained and wrote a note in his homework book and the homework was reduced back to one thing plus reading per week.

So far this term we’ve not had homework but I expect by next weekend we will start and by end of the school year I fully expect it to increase as he gets closer and closer to his first exams in a couple more years.

My other problem with school is the money. The amount of things they ask for money for is a lot. It’s the odd pound here or there but its short notice and frequent. On top of school meals and uniforms it’s tiring. This week Jem got chance to do football team trials. Despite us asking he never wanted to take part in clubs but he said yes to these trials. That’s ok he can try and hopefully get in but….. they ask each child wears footballs and shin pads.

He owns neither meaning we need to shell out money for them for trials. A trial that may see him not even given a place and therefore no opportunity to wear these shoes again. For me this is too much for trials it should be an option of if they own them wear them or a trial for a few weeks then final trials for each.

We will see I hope he gets in I think it would help his confidence and I dread the temper we will get if he doesn’t.

Our youngest is 3 soon and I’ve still not applied for nursery for him I’m struggling to subject him to school policies due to fact we will likely be late most days which the nursery and school being too far apart to drop both in within minutes of each other. I have emailed to find out how to apply though. It took me many months to even do that.


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