Weight loss

Finally after many years of needing too I got so depressed when I looked in the mirror I decided to start to lose weight. I had my 2nd boy in 2012 and gained a lot of weight prior to his pregnancy and during due to mobility issues. I never lost much after him as not long after we moved house and it was difficult and didn’t help my mood.

I then got pregnant again and although I didn’t gain much I didn’t lose any either.

This pregnancy was our 3rd child and 1st daughter. She passed away at 27 weeks in the womb and after that, the delivery a funeral  I stopped eating. I couldn’t I felt too guilty too low and wanted no part in helping my life be prolonged. After 2 weeks I slowly started eating again but I had lost all my pregnancy weight.

Over the last 11 months we’ve wanted another baby and well it hasn’t happened to then be asked if I was expecting because well I looked like I was I decided it was time to lose the podge and actually get pregnant for real!

This is my before shot see I look about 6 months pregnant no matter what I wear. Baggy tops only make it look worse.


This is 3 weeks later! So much better I’ve never wanted to just look fat so much my whole life haha.



I’ve not done an updated picture again yet but I have measured myself and since I started 5-6 weeks ago I’ve lost 1 cm off my thighs, 3 cm off my bust and waist.

The way I did it is slow but for me dramatic weight loss won’t work I know I’d be like whoop lets eat cake haha. So we cycle every other day at least and every day if we can for 1-2 hours. We take the kids with us and my eldest (nearly 8) keeps up so well so not only as a family are we spending time together but we’re strengthening our bodies too.

I no longer have sugar in my tea, I’ve reduced portion sizes but I make sure I eat enough at meals to feel satisfied but not full to stop me overeating and snacking later.

My main problem was snacking at night so I’ve stopped buying chocolate I love so I’m not tempted.

I will update soon with another picture and hopefully more reduction in measurements and maybe eventually girth expansion news 😉


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