Review of With Love Yarn and Spitspotloves

Ordered my yarn on Saturday with it being Sunday then Bank Holiday Monday I expected a short delay. However by the following Friday I had heard nothing. So naturally I messaged. No response. I left a note on their wall saying I had messaged and it disappeared. I left a note again on a picture thinking theyve just posted this they will see this and reply to my message. That too disappeared.

So I messaged again still nothing.

So I found out who posted the link in first place messaged her  on the Monday and left a note on the group I saw the advert. I finally got a reply to be told I had a myhermes link in my email and to check that for when my delivery would come.

Sure enough I did however I didn’t click to track it at this point as assumed it was posted the Friday and didn’t need to worry as would turn up Tuesday.

Tuesday came and still no wool so I used the tracking link this time to find out it had been posted Monday at 10:38 am 1 weeks and 2 days (4 working days) after paying so earliest will arrive is Wednesday latest Friday which would be almost 2 weeks after I ordered!

They denied removing my comments on their page and stated posted were scheduled however the comments still remain disappeared and I don’t believe for one second it was a facebook glitch 3 times.

I will never order again from that site. Their facebook page isn’t set up for leaving reviews and frankly their website is difficult to use on a mobile too although easier on desktop site.

I looked elsewhere for the wool and spitspot charges £3.20 for theres whereas most site on average charge 55p less. Which over 4 balls is £2.20 more which is only 50p less than postage costs.

They also have chosen to name them by colour whereas the brand does have names for each colour. There is also about 6 colours yet they only sell 4 so to be honest I’d wish I’d looked elsewhere.

The only bonus is Spitspot have worked up 4 roses in the yarn so you can see how the colours crochet up and that is what prompted me to buy.

The wool is a lovely colour and nice feel to it and colours are accurate to the picture. The picture however doesn’t show more than the roses atop the yarn. No photos of yarns separate but I had no nasty surprise in terms of colour.

Conclusion: buy the yarn from elsewhere.



4 thoughts on “Review of With Love Yarn and Spitspotloves

  1. hollykate47 says:

    I ordered a pattern from spitspotloves where on her Facebook page it states 24/7 help with patterns. As it’s a downloaded pattern I had it instantly. I’m making it I found that one of the rows didn’t correspond to the photographs I put a comment asking for help I’m her page where she had advertised the pattern. She told me to private message her which I did. After 3 days and no reply I posted for help in her crochet group page. Here she left quite a snipy remark about already saying to private message her. I told her I already had but she wouldn’t reply. Almost instantly she deleted all my comments about her page. After looking for help through Google I found that I had just paid for a free pattern that someone had designed and that she is selling as hers! What a con! I wish I had read other reviews about her. I would not order again. I recommend that you read other reviews before ordering. I wish I had.

    • ShroomyPix says:

      I’m sorry to hear that 😦 she apparently has another shop now for media type things and is continuing to scam people and be a rude unhelpful individual. You should report her to paypal and the site you purchased from. I would also report her to the original pattern designer as they will want to provide her with a cease and desist order. When I posted about my problem with her in a craft group many others commented saying they had been waiting months and some even had to file for refunds as was taking so long. I think I only got mine because I was being so open about it and she wanted me to post a happy ending but my ending doesn’t prove anything other than she knows how to put a good face on

      • Mariam says:

        Well iv just recently fallen into her trap. How do I get a refund? I paid by card. And again she’s not replying and my comments are being deleted. Any help?

      • ShroomyPix says:

        You will need to contact your bank Hun and do a chargeback
        She’ll need to prove you were sent goods you paid for
        My bank told me you often have to wait certain amount of time though before can do that
        Good luck

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