Mini Witch cauldrons

We love halloween in this house and even the toys get makeovers. As you’ve seen in other posts I have 3 dolls that are now included in my tutorials and blog. Well this year I decided to make them halloween outfits and the two smaller ones are going to be witches!

Daddy brought home some yoghurts and we both said wow the pots look like mini cauldrons. So of course I demanded they not be thrown away or added to recycling.

I don’t remember the make but they were a probiotic ones and disgusting but should be easy to spot as well look like cauldrons haha.

I used a spray paint I bought in wilkinsons that looked small, cheap enough and right for the job. It wasn’t. I know nothing about painting things and this paint was no good for directly applying to yoghurt pots.


Look nice don’t they. The matt really works for the look im after and the wire handle makes its a useable cauldron rather than a bling yoghurt pot decorated to  look unrealistic.

image image

However when I came to adding the wire thats when I realised the paint was fragile so I proceeded to wrap the wire round the rim and hang the wire off that to save making holes and chipping the paint. As I didn’t want to handle them much and I’m not the best with wire one turned out a bit messy on one side.

As you can see some paint started flaking off and I realised if I wanted to pose my dolls or even take them trick or treating with the kid I needed to be able to handle the cauldrons without fearing they would flake and dirty up the cloth doll.

image image

So 2 of them I flaked and scrubbed the paint off them. They look horrid but I kinda love the rubbish look to them and now I’ve no fear of dirty flakes all over the place.

I filled them with witch goodies. Potion bottles filled with spell beads, buttons, gems and pom poms to represent spell ingredients, a wand each and a spell book made from 3 rectangles of felt. The wands were made from one kebab stick. You will need to sand the ends a little but not a lot. Two felt shapes that mirror each other stuck on one end and you’ve a wand.


The heart wand I covered in double sided tape laid on some silver thread so the cut end ran up the stick then starting at bottom I wrapped it tightly round covering the loose end to the top. The felt shape then covers the other loose end and you’ve an easy bling wand with no glue or major effect.

image image

The holes and wire through I think are tidier and it’s easier to manipulate the wire without damaging the pots too.

We’d love to see your ideas and tips on how to get paint to stick to plastic pots.



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