Revamped Drawers

So heres some draws we had that we use as a change unit, well I say we, I do Daddy Critter says it’s easier to trek upstairs to get the nappy then back down to baby than just bring baby upstairs.

Anyway his cot is white, his wardrobe is white, the door is white but the draws are brown!


I had to sand every bit then paint with around 3-4 layers of white paint. I took drawer knobs off first and didn’t paint the drawer fronts as they would be covered.

Whilst unit was drying I applied strips of washi tape to drawer fronts & varnish on top to secure and seal.

Painting the knobs were harder I’ve found various ways recommended and it’s cheaper than buying but I put them on loosely before painting which is kinda risky!

579107_10151863668019911_119675064_n 1378163_10151863667924911_2031225309_n

I’ve since done 2 more sets this time in moomin tape! I used same tape but changed one to give a different look as one was for a girl and one was for a boy.

image image




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