Picture Hints

So I thought I would give you some examples of how you take pictures changes how it looks. This is especially important when showing potential customers or wanting to show the true colour & detail of an item.

Here is an example from Michelle from Izels Hip Hop Crochet.

The first picture is in natural light showing the true colours, detailing & because its hung up shows the natural flow of how the dress will wear. When she first finished the dress it was night-time pretty much same pictures different lights. Its clear to see how the light affects the colour & picture quality. There are dark shadows & it washes away the true colour to be replaced with the glow of an artificial light.


This picture is the dress on a dark background with an overhead light reflecting which draws your eye away from the main focus of the dress. It also doesn’t represent how the dress will look when worn.


Danielle from Rhinestones & Ribbons doesn’t currently sell sewn items but in her eagerness to show the group she also finished an item at night. In her picture she used a window as a blank background but the darkenss of the night behind matched with the deep colour of the dress makes it a dull picture. No detail is lost as such but you also get the reflections in the glass which can draw the eye away from the product.


Over at my headquarters of The Red Spotty Mushroom well I like to have red spotty items with mushrooms on. So I made this:CIMG1043

But as was pointed out to me the top of the buttons blended a little too much with the back ground. First off was to add some nice clouds to go with the pin prick dots. It looked better the mushroom stood out. Next I added grass tuffs & I also removed a cloud can you guess which one. & now its a whole lot better than my first try.


Here’s some examples of how the background helps. It is of course better to have a completely plain background one that neither compliments nor gets in the way of the foreground item. However sometimes a little pattern & extra colour makes the colours pop even more.

CIMG1041 CIMG0062

Using a flash can sometimes be helpful for example vivid purples are very difficult to take a picture of the true colour without either strong natural light or a flash. However, sometimes no flash makes a picture fuzzy & too much flash or being too close when using flash can also look well rubbish.


Sometimes if an item has 2 parts to it or multiple detailing but you don’t want a ton of pictures then a collage is a fab idea especially when people use mobiles to view stuff or for a busy customer.


Pictures with models are always great especially for bikes that fall over without being help however check your background. The item & the model aren’t the only thing to take into account & lets face it no-one wants to see your drying washing.


Nichola from Moor Style Creation showed me these pictures of her papercut. See how the different backgrounds show the same paper cut different. The first represents what it is  a tree, outdoorsy & green. The second is an indoor picture & again shows off the papercut beautifully but in comparison its looks different.

 2004_10151824308418836_1706435429_n 1185317_10151824309693836_907842220_n

Here is another of Nichola’s makes. She shows us the size of the stocking by comparing to an item we all know what the size is, this assists the customer in knowing if its the right size for them.


Action shots are always useful as Sam of X Baby Boutique X has shown with her sunny headband &  barefoot sandals. It useful to see action shots for sizing, how it sits & even with a skin tone behind.

1174663_658701827487223_1620234401_n   1185952_658701890820550_220118146_n

I hope this has been of some use to you its by no means professional advice or all the advice you may need but its want me & my craft group ladies put together for you.


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