Pixie Garden Update

As promised an update of the pixie garden I’ve created.

Little twig bench amongst the flowers.


Mushroom bird house amongst flowers & twig furniture. If you look carefully at the back you will see a green fimo man.


Here he is.


Doll trellis with mini mushrooms & more flowers waiting to grow. They are protected by lolly stick fence.


Hobbit mound with doorway, still growing but on its way with a lovely swing outdoors.


Mushrooms & plastic flowers to fill the space. Under the leaves at top is a gnome on a log.


Lastly is the broken pot make as decorative feature.


The whole garden complete with outer fence plastic bottle rocket to scare the birds off.


To the right of pixie garden is the gnarly pixie garden with more flowers we await.


Big Critter helped me with some of this & enjoyed watching it grow. You can do smaller versions for in pots or window boxes. You could even do a fake version indoors. I made 4 fake gardens.

Hope you enjoyed this & I promise to share updates in the future.




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