How to rustle up a pirate costume quick!

Before you’re walked off the plank for being inappropriately dressed here’s some mums tips for a quick DIY pirate costume.

This is my own Big Critter when he was a toddler. For his outfit I added a finger puppet parrot to his shoulder & used eyeliner to make some facial hair. We had the bandanna already & at nearly 6 he still wears it!


This is what Michelle from Charming Jewellery did. She cut out the legs off a pair of jeans her little boy had outgrown height wise. Added a couple of existing dress up items & he was ready to oh arrrr.


Michelle Caldwell from Southport made this for her son. the parrot was from an old baby cot mobile, The shorts & t-shirt he already had.


Finally this guys mum Beki from FeahPenny Tutus used an old waistcoat she was given & added some black & gold jewellery she no longer used with the finishing touch of eyeliner for a beard later on.


See its that simple. You can use what you have in to make a unique pirate suit. All these kids had dress ups to add to the outfit but you can easily make these yourself. Swords from cardboard, bandanna’s from scarf’s or even a tea towel.

Hope you are willing to share pics of your DIY pirate outfits.



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