Funky Footstool

I’m on a quest to use recycling that my local council don’t recycle!! One of those is plastic! I saw a great tutorial for a foot stool made from 2 litre plastic bottles (empty).

Here’s my version:

First I laid out the bottles to check the size of the foot stool & position of the bottles.


I took away the outer row & taped together the inner ones. I did try to tape the whole thing together as stood above but was impossible with bottles flying all over like a wacky game of skittles!

CIMG0001 CIMG0002

After that I taped outer layer to inner part to make the final core.


Now you have to measure it. I did this at the bottom for a more accurate measurement.


Tie some string onto a pencil near the sharp end.


Taking the width of the bottles half this & measure from the pencil to this length on the string. At this point hold it in centre of a large piece of cardboard.


Holding the string form & pencil to the card draw a circle. This may not be overly neat just try your best but unless you have a huge compass is your best way to draw this. You need 2 circles.


I used a craft knife to cut around this line.

CIMG0010 CIMG0011

Layer the 2 pieces of cardboard on the top & bottom of the bottle core. Tape it on with loads of tape to make it immoveable. I used brown tape.


Now you need wadding, you can also use thick foam. Cut 4 circles 2 for top & 2 for bottom. If you use very thick wadding 1 layer may be enough.

You also need wadding for the sides. I did this by taping the edge to my bottle core & rolling & cutting as I went.


You should now have this:


Again I used brown tape to secure it all but you may have a better way of doing this. Now you have to measure it: the top from 1 side to the other, height of the whole lot & the circumference. Don’t squeeze too much as want your stool to retain some shape without the cover being baggy.

Unfortunately at this point I lost some pictures so will describe best I can.

  • Using same method as before make a pattern for the top then do same for outside strip. You need 2 circles & 1 strip.Remember to add seam allowances.
  • Start by joining the 2 ends of the strip together, right sides together.
  • Next pin one circle to the strip right sides together also. Sew this using your seam allowance. You will end up almost like a soft bucket type shape.
  • Repeat for bottom but don’t sew it the whole way maybe half way because you need a gap to put it on the stool.
  • Now you will have hand stitch the gap closed. I did this by tucking in the circle part & folding the outer part inwards this creates less bulk & is neater. Slip stitch the gap shut.

You have a nice new foot stool for minimal cost! I can say this has been a great stool and yes doesn’t last forever but held up for at least 5/6 months.




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