Weekend fun

This weekend we got up to all sorts!

We had a guest for lunch so whilst I cleaned the playdough was out.

Daddy Critter made a Chinese Buddha.

1000097_10151671809919911_1817003994_n 1000194_10151671810029911_1817634936_n  

Big Critter made sausage rolls..


…& other food! Chips I think


Baby Critter wasn’t impressed at not being allowed to play.

Next we needed to go shopping for food ( it was late lunch so there was time)

So post bag was packed with Pappi


This is Pappi & Big Critter. Pappi (pap-ee) has been with us since Big Critter was 12 months old hes now 5 & a half. He’e very loved & comes on all sorts of adventures.


Once we were home it was time to throw bouncy ball up the stairs & catch it whilst mummy cooked!


Today being Sunday we’re just relaxing watching Tv whilst mummy crafts & the baby sleeps. Bliss


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