Stocking up your wardrobe cheaply

When I was pregnant I would trawl eBay for cheap but funky baby clothes. The problem with eBay now though is too many people trying to over price items and charge silly money for postage to make up their costs.

So where does that leave us? Well it’s still possible to get a bargain on eBay but there are other ways.

Recently I went to an NCT nearly new sale. This stands for National Childbirth Trust.


I got 6 items of clothing and toys and spent about £20. Not even a supermarket is that much of a bargain.

My quest saw me at a local charity shop dedicated to all things child! I got Big Critter some jeans and Baby Critter dungarees, trousers and a toy.


Grand total of £4.90! Another bargain.

Facebook groups are also fab places to get items for cheaper without travel. There are various dedicated groups like cloth nappy or sling groups.


There is also groups for your local area which not only saves PayPal and eBay costs but you get to view item before you hand over the money.


We got that little horse for £10!

Sometimes if your in the right place at right time will get a freebie or off a kind friend.

There are also swaps. Either online or organise a party between a group of your friends. Alternatively you could swap with a friend who may be pregnant and have an older child.

Freecycle is also a good place to have a look because there is 1 rule everything has to be free!!

So get out there and have a look for a bargain.


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