Wonderful world of lemons


I love lemons they have all sorts of uses some include:

cleaning power, useful for your fridge to keep it fresh, over a salad, cooked with salt & aparagus yum!, can stop fruit browining so perfect for a fruit salad!

Here’s 3 thins I recently used lemons for:

Lemon Cake

I made two one for Big & Baby Critter’s Nannie & one for home. Super yummy cake & not too big either so can indulge a little without a massive cake to add to your hips. Preheat oven to 180 C

225g of each: butter, caster sugar & self raising flour,

4 eggs & zezt of 1 lemon.

Cream the butter & sugar, add eggs. Sift in flour & bake!

I covered mine with tinfoil for first 30 mins to stop it burning then baked uncovered for a further 15-20 minutes & browned beautifully.

CIMG9971  Iced version

Uncovered CIMG0028   CIMG0032 Drizzled

Yum!!!! CIMG0033

Lemon Water

Its a well known fact lemons are sour & acidic but it’s probably less known they are alkali forming when digested! This makes them perfect to add a few slices to water to make refreshing health benefiting drink. I often do this for a change but this makes it perfect for skin complaints, headaches, sore tummy from too much acid foods. If you have health issues its worth a look into alkali diet to solve them I used it to heal my blistered eczema worked a treat & tastes sooo yummy


  Lemon sugar scrub 

Click the title for the link of how to make this. Literally made from sugar & lemon juice with some olive oil. It leaves my skin so soft & lush. Its cheap to make & doesn’t go often quickly so perfect as a present too.






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