Tissue box cover

In a bid to use my non recyclable waste I’m going to make a tissue box cover. This way I can reuse the box & just refill.

You will need:

Your usual cardboard tissue box (preferably unopened)





sewing machine




I measured my box of tissues height, width & depth. I then removed the centre & traced round it. This is centred exactly so no need to measure the position.

CIMG9561 CIMG9562

Once I’d drawn out the pattern I drew the cut out on. To do this fold your top piece in half & half again to find centre, do same for the oval cut out. Match the centres up & draw. When you cut it out leave 1 cm extra, this will be your seam allowance.


Unfortunately at this point my memory card failed, I wasn’t aware of this issue so got no back up pictures. From this point will have to be text explanation.

Sew short sides to long sides using 1 cm seam until you have a ‘ring’

Next sew your top on, match up corners starting 1 cm from top edge sew using 1 cm seam to 1 cm above bottom edge. Remove from machine & align the next sides corners. Start sewing from the last stitch by time finished it will be on perfectly with no bulky corners.

Repeat for inside.

Put the top of the cover right side to right side & sew round cut out using 1 cm seam. You should clip the curves or you can trim the seam allowance to about 3 mm. turn out the right way & top stitch.

Now align the seams along bottom & turn both layer inside 1 cm & top stitch the base.


You now have a beautiful reversible tissue box cover.

  CIMG9670 CIMG9671 



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