Rain Maker

In a bid to use my non recyclable waste & save money I set about making a DIY rain maker from what I had at home.

You will need:

paper clips at least 20

kitchen or loo roll inner tube

glue gun (glue will be fine also)

wire cutter or pliers

bubble wrap



awl or other sharp implement

If you don’t have paper clips I’ve seen tutorial using small nails called pins or you could use cocktail sticks. Ensure to snip the sharp ends though.

First job is to straighten your paper clips, leave a little ‘hook’ at one end.


Using something sharp, I used an awl, make holes to thread your paper clips through. For each hole make another on opposite side same level.

CIMG9547 CIMG9548

Start to thread your paper clips through both sides, leaving little hook to stop it falling out. You will secure this later with a glue gun.

CIMG9549 CIMG9550

Inside the tube should look like this.

  CIMG9552 CIMG9555

Once you have place sufficient clips through secure the outer ends with glue gun. If you don’t have access to one use pliers to securely turn down each end.


Once dry place glue at one end of the tube. I used the glue gun but good strong glue will work fine for this.


Place this glued end on some scrap cardboard. Ideally cereal box craft cardboard is a bit flimsy for this stage.


Cut a circle & do slits along as shown.


Fold these down & secure with glue.  You could also use sticky tape because this part will be covered later on.


Whilst that dries you can use wire cutters to snip off the excess paper clip ends.


You are ready to fill your rain maker I put about 1 inch level at bottom including the off cuts from the clips no point wasting!


Repeat process for covering up the end.

CIMG9565 CIMG9566 

Now it time to make it pretty. To protect little hands from the paper clips i covered my rain maker in bubble wrap. If you don’t have any wadding, craft foam or multiple layers of paper mache should do the trick.


Using same method as the cardboard ends I covered both end with pretty paper & then wrapped the main part. You can use paper mache to do this or if feeling extra creative material would look fab. You could also stick sequins, buttons, stickers all sorts on. You could even join multiple tubes or use a big posting tube to make an even bigger version.





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