Book holder from cereal box

So in a bid to reuse my non recycleable waste I decided Big Critter needed some book holders for his Mr Men collection so here’s my tutorial.

You will need:

cereal box (makes 2 small or 1 large)



sticky tape or glue

paper or other covering

scissors or craft knife.

First I sealed box both ends & measured to find the centre.


Marking this all round this separates the box & defines your 2 holder. If you wish to just make 1 big then keep scrolling past this part.


Next squashing the edge slightly I cut a starting point…


…and put my scissors in to cut along line.


I sealed inside to stop the smaller flaps sticking up, you could use glue for a neater finish.


Next I drew a line from one corner to opposite side. How far from bottom or top of holder you draw this is up to you I did it about 9cm. I had to hold the ruler inside to get a straight line.


Cut & repeat other side cutting straight line at front.


Repeat for other holder.


Now this part is personal choice. You can use paper to cover, material,paint it, paper mache it up to you. I chose wallpaper I got as a free off cut. First I laid one side down & drew round.


I continue to draw round each part…

   CIMG9532 CIMG9533

.. till I had a layout like this.


I cut this out with about 1 cm edge for  joins & here it is. I used sticky tape for a quick easy finish. Big Critter isn’t always gentle so I know these will get ripped before long hence the quick not as nice look finish but they work!


Once I covered 1 I decided to join them together. If you decide to do this stick them together before covering. you save paper & looks a lot more seamless. You may also chose to do inside.




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