Barnardos Eggciting Challenge!

So Big Critters new school has handed out fundraising packs to raise money for Barnardos. The challenge we are set is look after a hard boiled egg for a week without cracking.


You can keep a diary & decorate your egg, taking pictures as you go. We got behinds sorting this so egg is awaiting Big Critter in the kitchen. Once he’s home from school he wants to decorate it as a Jawa from Stars Wars. This is fairly easy & requires small amount of black paint & a gold pen.


 So I just popped egg in with this & slowly boiled for about 20 minutes to prevent cracking.

Unlike previous requests from old school we are asked to get 1-2 donations not ask all & sundry to donate this is brill because puts less pressure on the kids & teaches them little is better than none. We will ask family & hopefully donate at least £5.

Few hours later Big Critter is home & off we go! We drew a rounded triangle for the jawa face & filled it in.


Using gold pen we draw two little eyes.


Proud owner of boiled Jawa egg, who after 6 shots wouldn’t concentrate long enough to look at camera! 




Will update at end of week with a hopefully intact egg.


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