Dribble bib from scrap jersey

So I had a pair of PJs that I made into small PJs for Baby Critter. There was 2 blocks of scrap left at base of each leg so I made 2 dribble bibs. Now before I cut them up to make the PJs I had already made a dribble bib so the ends of the legs were odd shapes.


This is what I had left. These are folded over ready to be cut but as can see both perfect shapes to cut out.


First piece I cut from corner to corner discarding piece on the right.


Second piece became this after cutting. I’ve not moved the piece about after cutting so easy to see how I cut it.

Because this is jersey & will be a single layer bib it will be tied on so no velcro or poppers meaning you will have to ensure its big enough!

CIMG9001   CIMG9000

Just double fold up to hide raw edge & sew 🙂

Remember to read PJs blog for handy tips how to sew stretch fabrics.




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